Curriculum Vitae

    1980-1989 Grammar School (school leaving certificate: Abitur)
    1989-1990 Military service
    1990-1997 Studies of English, History, Social Studies and Latin at the University of Regensburg
    1992-1993 Visiting student at Aston University, Birmingham (Great Britain)
    1997 First state exam in English and History (teacher's training course)
    1997-1999 Practical training course as a student teacher (2nd state exam)
    2001 First state exam in Social Studies
    since 1999 Fully qualified grammar school teacher (since 2004 at Goethe-Gymnasium Regensburg)
    since 2006 Part-time lecturer of English Linguistics at the University of Regensburg
    since 2006 Co-examiner in oral state exams
    2008 PhD English Linguistics
    since 2011 Mentor teacher in educational psychology