2006 teacher exchange with Tempe, Arizona (30 March-22 April)
    2008 visit to China in order to start an exchange with a school in Qingdao (14-28 July)
    2009 Chinese school visits Goethe-Gymnasium (20-26 July)
    2010 project seminar "American government" which results in a visit to Congressman Harry Mitchell in Washington (21 March-2 April)
    2010 study trip to London with English major class (15-19 September)
    2010 2nd visit to China to take part in an environmental project sponsored by Mercator (24 October-7 November)
    2011 historical seminar in Nürnberg: Erinnerungsarbeit in Nürnberg und Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse (31 January-2 February)
    2011 Middle School No 9 from Qingdao (China) visits the Goethe-Gymnasium in the framework of the environmental project funded by Mercator (18 July-28 July)
    2011 Symposion on the historical project "Lernort Weltkulturerbe". A creative city tour of Regensburg in the Middle Ages - A contribution by class 7e of the Goethe-Gymnasium (21 July-22 July)