University of Regensburg
Faculty of Languages and Literatures
Department of English and American Studies

Thu 16-18

Vocabulary in ELT: Theoretical background and implications for the teaching practice.

There is much more to vocabulary teaching than just teaching words and there is no doubt that vocabulary learning needs to take place within a well-planned programme. In this seminar we will study different aspects of vocabulary learning and teaching. We will also consider the question of how pupils' vocabulary can be sensibly and sustainably expanded through learning and coping strategies. Based on fundamental articles, we will explore the statistical and etymological nature of English vocabulary. Of course, we will work with the vocabulary sections provided by various coursebooks. In addition, the question of testing vocabulary will be addressed. Finally, we will explore the implications of vocabulary teaching for exam methods such as mediation or composition. Requirements for course credits: active participation, oral presentation, exam.
Recommended reading:
Murray, Denise E. (2011). What English language teachers need to know. New York: Routledge.